The Pantheon

On the Pantheon of the Gods

Excerpt from a treatise By H. Sebastian Tyler, Priest of Nathaniel

The first thing one must realize when seeking to understand the celestial pantheon is that they are not as men.

Differing ideologies and viewpoints in the world of men often lead to violent conflict. Wars have been fought over principles, and nations have risen and fallen on the back of disagreements between individuals.

But the gods are immortal. War between them would be a futile exercise in absolute devastation. So while it may be hard for some to understand that Nathaniel can peaceably sit at the right hand of Zurvan, know that this is not a matter of collegiality between them.

Indeed, when war is pointless, only through close interaction can anything be accomplished. While there are a multitude of heavens (and hells, for that matter), the pantheon of the gods rules over man in tandem from high upon the Mountain of Heaven. Their battles, as such, are fought with words, as the principles and domains that they represent with the core of their very beings are brought to bear to argue the very direction of creation.

And so, just as our world is a tapestry of both the good and the wicked, so too are the heavens…

Greater Deities

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Lesser Deities

Madame de Platine

The Pantheon

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