The God of Hope

Domains: Hope, Protection, Sun

Takes the following forms: a handsome, glowing man with curly red-gold hair; a lion; a warm, golden aura.


Hope: Corr is primarily the god of hope, and his followers hold above all else the belief that darkness is never complete and that a silver lining can be found anywhere. The hope that is Corr’s purview is the faith that the sun will rise, that winter will end, and that ultimately people are capable of using reason and compassion to end strife and create peace, no matter how irreparable the situation may seem. It is also the faith in others that makes second chances possible—followers of Corr rarely condemn others absolutely without first attempting to understand, to sympathize and to help…but in the end, the choice to have faith or not lies with the individual.

Corr opposes despair wherever it may reside and his followers accept the duty, first and foremost, to inspire hope in the despondent and cynical, the forlorn and the wretched.

Protection: Corr’s guardian nature is focused predominantly on the concept of protecting one’s own—whatever that may mean to a particular follower. It may include family and friends, one’s hometown, or one’s whole plane, if that’s what one finds most important. Corr’s faithful rarely turn their backs on helpless strangers who need protection, either, but the core of their belief lies in the responsibility of the powerful to defend those who rely on them—a shepherd defending his flock is no less worthy than a knight defending his country.

Corr’s followers place the safety and well-being (including mental and emotional well-being, as indicated by the Hope domain) of those who depend on them above most else, and generally do not shrink from placing themselves in danger in order to ensure it.

Sun: Corr’s nature as the sun god is largely connected with his nature as the god of hope. Warmth and light, especially as the antitheses to cold, darkness and desolation, are the most important aspects of Corr’s power as the deity of the sun, both literally and metaphorically. Redemption and renewal (as they oppose nihilism, death and jadedness) are also key aspects of Corr’s faith. Farmers’ prayers for good weather and good harvests usually reach him whether they pray specifically to the sun god or not, and some of his faithful have been known to successfully bless a region of cropland for just that.

Corr’s followers are well-known for their steadfast opposition to, and particular talent for destroying, the undead. In their efforts against despair, they are often cognizant of the fact that light means nothing without darkness to define it—sunrise means nothing if the sun does not set—and tend to see overcoming hardship as a way of strengthening faith, rather than blindly hand-waving their relevance or validity.


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