Tag: Kavadarci


  • Ivanhoe Voronkov

    Lord Ivanhoe is the middle-aged lord of Kavadarci, a large vineyard estate in Livno County in southern Durance. He is known to be a boisterous and generous man with a bit of a colorful history. He keeps Jerome Danev as his ward.

  • Franc Osana

    In his middle fifties, Franc is a retired colonel from the Durance Royal Navy, spending his later years in the peace and quiet of the countryside and teaching young Jerome Danev in exchange for a beautiful home in the countryside of Kavadarci. He is …

  • Martina

    The Musical/Academics Instructor to Jerome Danev. In her later thirties, she is unmarried and uninterested in marrying, and has served as Jerome's tutor since he first came to Kavadarci -indeed, she was the first of the three. She is straight-laced …

  • Medev Harriman

    Harriman is an unusual sight in Durance on more than one count: he is a wizard, he is a self-proclaimed gourmand, and he is a gnome. He has served as Kavadarci's Court Wizard for the past ten years (and, more quietly, as Jerome Danev's tutor in the …