Valentine Solomos

The last scion of a fallen house, who wishes to restore the Solomos name and fortunes.


Name: Valentine Solomos
Race: Human
Age: 27
Hair: Blond
Build: Delicate
Known Allies: House Solomos
Known Enemies: House Carmitru

1) A noble’s responsibility. (Invoke when acting on behalf of house, nation or peasantry; Compel to force behavior in service to his place in society. Functions as “Occupation” Aspect.)
1) Failed Knight. (Invoke to benefit from knightly training and connections; Compel to force revulsion at violence and death.)
2) Unpopular. (Invoke to take advantage of bad reputation or make use of enemies; Compel to make reputation or enemies relevant in a harmful manner.)
2) Strong survival instinct. (Invoke to aid survival at any cost; Compel to emphasize survival over other considerations.)
3) Incorrigible Conspirator. (Invoke to seek out or engage in secrecy; Compel to force curiosity and secrecy.)
3) Quiet Ambition. (Invoke to improve your resources and social standing; Compel to seek power over better judgment.)

Skills: 17 points, 1 unspent

Good (3): Deceit
Fair (2): Alertness, Investigation, Contacting, Resolve
Average (1): Survival, Endurance, Melee Weapons, Resources, Empathy

Physical 6
Composure 6

Fate Points: 6 (10 – 4 Stunts)

Stunts! (4)
-The Ties That Bind (Noble Occupation): Can gain +1 to any Resources, Contacting or Rapport rolls drawing on connections.
-Contact (Contacting): Lexington Longriver (Independent, 3 Advances)
-Charlatan (Deceit): Can use Deceit to read targets, but only reads weaknesses.
-Lip Reading (Investigation): Can use Investigation to read lips. If GM already allows lip reading, this stunt reduces the difficulty to do so by 2.

Solomos Crest Amulet (connection: “A noble’s responsibility”)
Rapier (2 bonus, Weight: 4lb, Cost: Great, Complement: Athletics, “Enhances Defense,” “Lightning Fast,” connection: “Failed Knight”)
Writing Equipment (Cost: Fair, connection: “Incorrigible Conspirator.”)
Flask (Cost: Mediocre, connection: “Unpopular.”)
Formal Clothing (Cost: Good, connection: “Quiet ambition”)
Hidden Dagger (
1 bonus, Weight: 1lb, Cost: Mediocre, Complement: Athletics, “Small,” “Close Combat Weapon,” “Poor Defense,” connection: “Strong survival instinct.”)
Riding Horse (“Silver”) and equipment (scale 2, Cost: Good, Maintenance: Average/month, connection: “The Ties That Bind”)
Tobacco Pipe (connection: “Lexington Longriver”)
Disguise Kit (connection: “Charlatan”)
Monocle (connection: “Lip Reading”)

Companion: Lexington Longriver
Effete and Vain
An Actor at Heart
Too Prudent

Quality: Fair (2)
Type: Aide/Assistant
Stress: 2
Consequence: 1 (can be taken for Valentine)
-Independent (free advance): Doesn’t cost an FP to send the Companion off on an important mission.
Scope: Can Assist in Mental Conflict as well as Social.
Quality: 1
Stunt: Linguist (Academics): Lexington knows 6 common languages, including Estermarii and Low Zayathine.
Skills: Contacting 2 (Fair), Academics 1 (Average)


Phase One: Early Days
Valentine was raised by his loving (but fiscally incompetent) aunt and drunken, mean-spirited uncle. His father did not want to deal with the stresses of running a noble house, particularly one so fallen, so he stayed off at war, and there died. By the time Valentine was old enough to understand his family’s level of debt, it was frankly too late: House Solomos owes several times what its lands are worth, and the only member of the family with the standing and ambition to do anything about it was Valentine. At this point, it became clear to the young lord that the weight of the House rested on his shoulders. He quit his knighthood training and returned to Dorostrita to take over as Lord Solomos.

Phase Two: Legend
Title: Valentine Solomos in: The Unexpected Guest

On a visit to nearby Dynehof to secure a working relationship with a member of House Carmitru, Valentine was nearly killed in an assassination attempt meant for the young Carmitru. In the aftermath of the attack, Valentine worked to uncover the source of the attack, tracing it all the way back to the head of House Carmitru himself, Vlad. This information was given to the younger Carmitru, in hopes of an alliance forged in shared survival… but Valentine was betrayed and his evidence destroyed. For all his hard work in making allies, he had made an enemy in House Carmitru.

Phase Three: Guest Star

Tereza Worth in: The Letter of the Law

True to form, when such an important conspiracy arose, Valentine was not far away from it. However, the stakes were very high, and he quickly decided that the best way to come out ahead was to align himself with the Princess, whatever she chose to do. After all, she was the deciding factor in how things played out. So when she decided to support the law, rather than her own ascension, Valentine was there to help name names. He might have made some enemies, but the potential for further alliance with the Princess made up for it, in Valentine’s opinion.

House Solomos
Scope: 1 (Tiny): 80 serfs, ~20 extended freemen/nobility
FP: 0/1 (until refresh)
Aspects: “We Used to Be Somebody”
Consequence: “Usury Will End Us” (Extreme)
Temporary Aspects: “An Infestation of Heroes (indefinite)”, “Bandits pick at our lands (two weeks)”
Control 0 (but Stronghold gives +1 in surrounding area)
Information +2
Trade +1 (God of Trade: +1 bonus to any Trade of Diplomacy rolls relating to trade negotiations)
Unity +1
Technology +1

Physical 5
Composure 5

Advancements in progress:
Improve Technology: Build blacksmithy and train villagers to smith/use weaponry. 3/12 shifts accumulated.

Valentine Solomos

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