Tereza Worth

Princess of Durance


Name: Tereza Worth, daughter of King Jordan and Queen Dianamh Worth
Race: Human
Age: 16 (nearly 17)
Appearance: blonde hair, green eyes, fit, tall for her age and seems more mature than 16
Languages: Estermarii (native), High Zayathine
FP: 7

Her Royal Highness (“Noble” aspect) – invoke to gain House Worth advantages, or use nobility as a weapon/shield; compel for drawing attention or to emphasize her off-putting icy demeanor, overconfidence and disconnect from commoners

You Need to Be Better – invoke to help/improve people whose welfare and performance she’s invested in; compel to spark dissatisfaction with people who fall below her standards

I Will Become Minister of Justice – invoke for knowledge of the law or pursuing her ambitions; compel to force pursuit of justice or investigation into suspicious behavior

Plays for Keeps – invoke to be ruthless and cunning, to set up the perfect victory; compel to force waiting to act until the time is right or ruthless behavior coming back to bite her

Sabine Sobieski, My Only Real Friend – invoke to gain Sabine’s help or the help of House Sobieski; compel to make Sabine a liability

Teen Hormones – invoke to be typically teen-rebellious and get her way or to help cute boys; compel for desires to override judgment, particularly in the realm of boys or the opinions of her peers

Good (3) – Leadership
Fair (2) – Investigation, Resolve, Resources
Average (1) – Academics, Alertness, Art (violin, dance), Contacting, Deceit, Empathy, Melee Weapons

Air of Authority (Noble) – within your area of expertise, gain +1 bonus to all attempts to order people around.

Respected Leader (Leadership) – reputation for being just and respectable; when this reputation would benefit you, you may use Leadership instead of Rapport in social situations.

Trusted Retainer (Resources) – Sabina Sobieski, chambermaid (companion)
[Fair (+2), Independent +3 advances]
Smarter Than She Looks
Love of Adventure
Princess Tereza, My Best Friend

Skills: Empathy +1, Drive +2
- Independent (free) – doesn’t cost FP to send on missions, can use your FP and up to two of your relevant aspects when acting independently
- Scope – can assist in Social conflict as well
- Consequences – can take an extra consequence
- Custom Carriage (Drive) – has her own House Sobieski carriage—this is one reason Tereza brought her along, she wanted good undercover transportation. Sabina gains +1 to Drive rolls in this carriage. Once per session, spend a FP to reveal an extra feature (blades in the axles, hidden arrow slits, etc.).

Royal diamond tiara (Her Royal Highness)
Robar, war horse “with a fairly impressive white coat and some black speckling on the face” (You Need to Be Better – gift from Riley in gratitude for having helped him out)
Writing equipment (I Will Become Minister of Justice)
Ivory-and-onyx chess set made in Valiance, claimed as her prize when she managed to win one match against one of her father’s best tacticians; the two queens’ bases open and the pieces are hollow, for passing secret messages. (Plays for Keeps)
Rapier, “steel blade, with a silver-inlaid pommel” (Air of Authority) – +2 dmg bonus, aspects Enhances Defense, Lightning Fast
Armor with the crest of House Worth (Respected Leader) – absorbs 1 minor, 1 major and 1 severe consequence; -2 stress when hit; aspects Noisy, Hot, Heavy
Violin, which she received at the same time that Sabina received hers, when they began taking lessons together (Trusted Retainer)

Prologue advancement – Alertness +1
Session 1 advancement – NOT USED YET


Phase One: Early Days

As a young girl, Tereza was given the best education that the royal coffers could buy. She had private tutors in every subject that a princess would require, and personal trainers in all of the pursuits that a noblewoman would be expected to master. She was an overachiever, in stark contrast to her twin brother, Riley the Crown Prince, who took every opportunity to gad about with his immature friends and pawn off responsibility. She learned from her mother that nobles are inherently superior to commoners, and royals are inherently superior to them, and that she had every right to command the loyalty and service of everyone around her. She learned from her father that being too soft leads to failure but that a ruler must be consistent, unbiased and clever. So upon bearing witness several times to the king’s attempts to beat some responsibility and sense into her brother, she had to conclude that a) Riley deserved it, and b) she had better keep her shit together, because otherwise she would deserve it too. And she would not allow herself to sink to Riley’s level. At the same time, she wanted Riley to be successful and less irresponsible, so she quietly tried to help him, or protect him from himself, whenever there was an opportunity.

Phase Two: Legend
Tereza Worth in: “The Letter of the Law”

Tereza spent most of her adolescence preparing to marry a son of King Aethor of Castamere in order to more firmly link House Worth to House Riley and potentially someday put a Worth on the most powerful throne in the world. However, Aethor’s son married into the military, putting a stop to Queen Dianamh’s plans for her daughter and turning Tereza loose to decide her own ambitions. Her tutors and advisors highly recommended taking over Trebinje as countess, convincing her father to split the title off from his own. Under the table, though, she received several anonymous tips from various members of Durance’s nobility who pledged their support, loyalty and resources if she decided instead that, should a terrible accident befall her brother, she would really make the better monarch in the end. After all, everyone else thought so. And while she agreed with the sentiment, she was disgusted with the idea that these nobles would undermine her father’s court with illegal assassination offers, and she decided then and there that someday she would be Minister of Justice. As her first act to this end, at the age of fifteen she personally spearheaded a secret investigation to discover the identities of the anonymous nobles. She had them revealed publicly in a double-headed ploy to a) secure a reputation for herself as a strict defender of the law in preparation for making her ambition a reality, and b) make it crystal clear that plots against her brother, her father, or anyone else in the court would be met with merciless retribution.

Phase Three: Guest Star
Samuel Stewart in: “The Massacre of the Confederate 103rd Battalion”

King Worth took Tereza and her closest handmaiden on a survey trip to Munte to check up on efforts to quash its bandit problem in the hopes that the area could be converted into a new county. When they arrived, however, they were the first on the scene of a massacre that killed all but one of the Confederate 103rd Battalion that had been sent to deal with the troublesome brigands. The Worths questioned Samuel Stewart, the lone survivor, and took stock of the situation. Evidence suggested that Samuel was lying and that he was in league with the True Sons of the Confederacy, but when an envoy from King Aethor arrived and demanded that the prisoner be turned over to Confederate authorities to be tried immediately, Tereza decided it was time to thoroughly question the young man before blindly sending him off to die. Her instinct told her that he wasn’t lying, but she felt that if she brought such flimsy reasoning to Jordan he would think her immature and dismiss her protests as childish fancy—maybe even get angry like he sometimes did with Riley for irresponsible behavior. She confided in Sabine, who expressed confidence in Tereza’s ability and supported her wish to convince Jordan to stall the envoy so that she could finish her investigation properly. Bolstered by her friend’s support, Tereza did exactly that. Jordan trusted his daughter’s judgment and filibustered the envoy, then sent Samuel to Kavadarci to hide with Lord Ivanhoe while the investigation was completed. It was during this investigation that Tereza discovered the paper trail leading to her father sending money to Kavadarci in secret, and Sabine’s close confidence that led her to enlist the handmaid’s help in tracking down that money.

Tereza Worth

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