Samuel Stewart



Samuel Stewart

Phase 1
Samuel was born into a large family, his father was given the prominent position as Steward in Caerwen, a port village in Castamere. He grew up a bit of a scoundrel, but eventually settled into studies on becoming a healer and surgeon. One night, however, he decided to woo a lady above his station, and to save his family some face, he left to join the Castamerian Military to see the continent.

Too Handsome for my Own Good. Invoke in situations where a quick smile and good word are needed. Compel in situations with women.

An Officer and a Gentleman. (Warrior aspect) Invoke for situations where quick soldier is needed, or to gain favors from castamerian military sources. Compel for sense of duty and otherwise.

Phase 2:
You shipped over from Acerot or Port Easter among the first 80 or so men of the 103rd, and marched east along the roads into the Munte Region, where you hooked up with about 220 more in the mountains. First big thing was your commanding officer, Colonel Alwin, picking a defensible spot to build a temporary outpost.
All was pretty quiet for about two weeks. Your scouts began getting a feel for the lay of the land, and hadn’t actually engaged any bandits head-on. Though there was word that your scouts were in turn running into what it would become clear later were other scouts; lone riders out in the wilds who didn’t engage.
The main force came later. The men were in the camp, no front lines of attack. They snuck in under cover of darkness, routing around your patrols and ambushing them on their way in.Attempted to form a defense with what was on hand, ended up in a land stand with col. Alwin before being broken by a lone man in black armor, known only as Lord Richelieu.

Blurb: Samuel recieves his first assignment, an officer in the newly-formed 103rd battallion. Little did he expect that his unit would be walking into a horrible massacre. Left for dead by a horde of rebels and their black armor-clad leader, Samuel finds himself accused of being involved in the rebellion against the Confederacy!

Sole Survivor of the 103rd Massacre.

Dignity, Even unto death.

Phase 3

During his academy days, he was selected to be part of a cadet honor guard for a general visiting Lord Ivanhoe in Durance. During this visit, Samuel is caught up in a set of deadly games being played by some noble youths on their subjects. When one exposes the group’s misdeeds, he nearly pays the ultimate price if not for Samuel’s medical training.

Surgeon in training.

Born a common man.

G —
F Melee, Science, Rapport, Ranged
A Resolve, Athletics, Might, Survival, Leadership, Resources, Empathy, Endurance, Alertness

FP: 6



Healer (science): +2 to science rolls when using first aid or healing.
The Right Questions (rapport): may use rapport instead of contacting to gather information.
Sword Specialist (melee): +2 damage on swords
Hit ’em where it hurts (empathy): May use empathy instead of intimidation in a social exchange

Musket- (Sole Survivor)
Officer’s Sword- (Officer & a Gentleman)
Leather Armor: Stylish army uniform. (Dignity, Even Unto Death)
Good Luck Charm: Small ladies’ hairpin (Too handsome for his own good)
Doctor’s bag: (Surgeon in Training)

04/29/12 Alertness +1 skill point


Samuel Stewart

Epoch Aronhiawakhon