Riley Worth

Crown Prince of Durance


Riley is the 16 year old crown prince of the nation of Durance, and twin brother of Tereza Worth.

He is the son of King Jordan and Queen Dianamh Worth. However, unlike his strong-willed father and sister, Riley seems to have inherited none of his family’s legendary cunning or willpower. At court he is alternatively simpering to those with authority, and arbitrary and cruel to those without it. He has developed a reputation in the kingdom as a layabout, with his drunken exploits and inappropriate company well-known (though quietly spoken of) throughout the kingdom.

What is less well-known is that Riley has inherited something from his father: a tendency to fly into violent rages seemingly without reason.

What would only be known to those closest to House Worth, though, is that his father Jordan beats him regularly and viciously.

Riley Worth

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