Medev Harriman

Court Wizard of Kavadarci, ex-Professor of the University of Tantalus.


Harriman is an unusual sight in Durance on more than one count: he is a wizard, he is a self-proclaimed gourmand, and he is a gnome. He has served as Kavadarci’s Court Wizard for the past ten years (and, more quietly, as Jerome Danev’s tutor in the mystical arts). Where he is originally from is not really known, but he had spent much of his life in the city of Zayathine, teaching at the renowned magical school, the University of Tantalus.

Rumor has it that he was fired from that place for some reason, but details are scanty, and he takes questions about it with great offense.

Was bought by members of the Black Syndicate to aid in the kidnapping of Jerome Danev. Overcome by the party, he agreed to a deal to be sent into exile (instead of being executed) in exchange for information.

Medev Harriman

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