Lexington Longriver

Attache to Lord Valentine Solomos.


Companion: Lexington Longriver
Effete and Vain
An Actor at Heart
Too Prudent

Quality: Fair (2)
Type: Aide/Assistant
Stress: 2
Consequence: 1 (can be taken for Valentine)
-Independent (free advance): Doesn’t cost an FP to send the Companion off on an important mission.
Scope: Can Assist in Mental Conflict as well as Social.
Quality: 1
Stunt: Linguist (Academics): Lexington knows 6 common languages, including Estermarii and Low Zayathine.
Skills: Contacting 2 (Fair), Academics 1 (Average)


Lexington Longriver is a lifelong civil servant in his early thirties. Originally from the Empire of Zayathine, he found himself unemployed in 2040 Z.R., when the Halflinghelm Revolt led to the disbanding of the senate he was working as an assistant for.

He spent several years abroad trying to find new work, but always met with suspicion and hostility regarding his credentials, until chance brought him together with Lord Valentine, who was desperate enough for good help to overlook his background.

He speaks several languages, is well-versed in theatre, and is – discreetly – a homosexual in a long-term relationship with the elder son of House Sobieski.

Lexington Longriver

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