Jordan Worth

King of Durance, Count of Trebinje, and Protector of the Realm


Jordan Worth, 48, first of his name, has been the King of Durance since 2032 Z.R.

Though not born the crown prince, Jordan inherited the throne from his uncle, Darko Worth, who passed away with no male heirs. Jordan is the child of King Wilhelm Worth’s second son, Richard Worth, and the Lady Adela Zagreb.

His wife is the Queen Dianamh, of the Castamerian House Riley. Jordan is the father of Jerome Danev (illegitimate/unknown), Riley Worth, and Tereza Worth.

Jordan has a reputation among his subjects as a man who is harsh, but fair. The royal house under his administration has largely projected an austere and incorrupt image, and he has made strides in holding his noblemen accountable to the laws they have set up.

He is not, however, by any means considered a kindly man, and the events of the Port Easter Massacre, now some 17 years gone, still dog his reputation.

Jordan Worth

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