Jerome Danev

'Secret' half-eladrin bastard son of the king of Durance


Jerome appears to be a young man in his late teens or early twenties; thanks to his half-Eladrin blood, however, he is a bit older than he appears.

Raised from a young age by a country Lord, he has had extensive learning, both of the scholarly and more practical varieties.

He is tall, standing some 6’4", and has the broad but trim body of an athlete. He has shoulder length light auburn-brown hair, as often as not appearing tousled and wind-blown… and, likewise as often as not, hiding his softly pointed ears. His eyes are a sharp turquoise-blue, with a darker blue ring around their edges.


  • Illegitimate Eldest Son of the King
  • Country Lord’s Upbringing
  • For the Good of My People
  • I Will Find You
  • My Magic – My Pride and My Shame
  • A Hero in a Dark, Dark World


Good ( +3 ): Survival
Fair ( +2 ): Academics, Element (restrictions – focus(necklace), wild magic), Melee Weapons
Average ( +1 ): Warding, Rapport, Athletics, Resources, Resolve, Ranged Weapons


  • Summon Lesser Elemental (Element (Earth))
  • Hands Free (Survival – Riding)
  • Walking Library (Academics)
  • Animal Companion (Survival)
    Jerome   straasa
    [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
    +1 to survival
    requires fate point to act alone
    2 quality, communication, skilled
    +3 Ahtletics +2 fists +2 endurance +1 might +1 alertness


  • Magic Focus Necklace (My Magic – My Pride and My Shame)
    Jerome   necklace sm
  • Bastard Sword (Illegitimate Eldest Son of the King) – His father’s old campaign sword, Morskaiz (sea steel)
    -cost: Great
    -Athletics OR Might
    -Aspect: May be used one or two handed ( +3 / +4 bonus to stress)
  • Medium Armor (A Hero in a Dark, Dark World) – byzantine scale
    -armor bonus -1
    -cost: superb
    -can absorb one minor, and one major consequence
    -aspects – noisy, hot
  • Dark green cloak with gold grape-leaf-and-knotwork clasp (Country Lord’s Upbringing)
  • A little girl’s doll, given to him by one of the village girls when he left on a long trip, to ‘keep him safe’ (For the Good of My People)
  • Composite Bow
    -range: 3 zones
    -+3 bonus to stress
    -potential consequence, Out of Ammo

Contact: Admiral Adam Pernaska; on King Aethor’s personal command council.


Jerome’s earliest years, until about the age of seven (roughly equivalent of 4-5), was spent in the capital city under the primary care of a Nanny. His father, however, was an active part of his life in those early years, even if it was kept secret from most.

That came to a screeching halt, however, when his father’s cousin the young king died, rather unexpectedly, and without heirs of his own. The crown, it seemed, would fall to Jerome’s father, even though it had not even seemed a remote possibility prior. As soon as his father realized this, Jerome was entrusted to the care of one of his father’s closest and most trusted friends, who took him off to his country vineyard estate.

Once safely ensconced in distant obscurity, he was raised as befit his blood; the remainder of his childhood was just as, if not even more, idyllic than it would have been under his father’s care. But despite this privileged upbringing, he never forgot those early years – who his father was, what that meant for him, and the fact that his father hid him away in apparent shame.

In the course of his studies, his tutors taught him about a broad range of subjects, and he absorbed it all with relish. He loved his home in Kavadarci, but it was simply too pastoral to keep him engaged. He particularly enjoyed – and thanks to his blood lines, excelled at – his lessons in magic, focusing on the power of the earth, and in protecting himself and others. His other favorite single subject was his martial training. Lord Ivanhoe taught him various fencing styles, and oversaw his tutelage with a bow and in the riding of horses, which is where his best talent showed. His skill with horses was such that Lord Ivanhoe frequently had Jerome ride the horses he raced against those of the other nearby Lord’s in their monthly competitions.

Having reached his age of majority, a new problem has presented itself to Jerome: Where to go from here? He must find something to do with his life; the obvious choice, and the one Lord Ivanhoe continued to push, would be to join the army of the Confederacy. That option had its appeal, but so did the idea of becoming one of the fabled Phoenician Knights, wandering the lands righting wrongs and protecting those who needed it, and where it would not matter than he was a bizarre and embarrassing half-breed bastard son. It would also, however, mean forswearing any connection to his own people, a people he seemed forced by his very blood and nature to care for.

Jerome Danev

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