Aethor of Castamere

Prime Minister of the Confederacy, King of Castamere


Aethor, son of Aelric, is the King of Castamere, 3-time and currently reigning Prime Minister of the Estermarch Confederacy, and considered by most to be the undisputed most powerful man in the world.

Very little can be confirmed as to his persona: his public image has been carefully honed and crafted since he was a very young man, and he is now in his 50s. Only the most important sovereigns and military leaders of the realm have ever seen him in person: others must draw conclusions of him based on his lavish entourages and massive armies.

What is known of him can, as such, be summated very quickly: He is a shrewd tactician, an immensely wealthy man, and someone who has placed the Confederate military on a pedestal above all other men, noble or common, in the realms.

Aethor of Castamere

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