The world has changed.

There have been many ages of man. Empires spanning continents have risen, fallen, and risen again. The world has seen tyrants, idealists, monstrous creatures from beyond the ordered span of the stars.

Change is the only constant. And change is coming again, heralding a new epoch for the world.

The Estermarch Confederacy stands tall in the year 2050, the apex power of the world. Remade under the Hero King Aelric after the events of the Last War, it was meant to stand as a brotherhood of equal sovereigns.

But it is difficult for other men to stand tall in the shadow of such heroes, and even after Aelric’s passing, Estermarch stands largely in the shadow of its Castamerian King Aethor, the hero’s son. Aethor has tightened his grip with each passing year, even going so far as to conquer the nation of Valecove when it tried to secede 25 years ago. More and more, the people whisper: Is this truly still a confederacy, or do we merely live in the greater Castamerian Empire?

The whispers are becoming cries on the lips of men who would be free and men who would profit from the chaos. And by night, the stars quietly go dark, one by one…


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